Interactive Wind Facade

Goal: To create a system of modular variation that forms a field gradient

Modular variation: Six different modules vary in height, size of opening, and angle of opening

Process: Design modules in Rhino, cast plaster blocks, use CNC router to make molds from the plaster blocks, slip cast ceramic modules, post-process modules, send pieces to the kiln for firing, assemble final system

Final product: Modules would be mounted on an exterior window to filter light. The final system produces varied sounds as wind blows across the openings, similar to what is heard when blowing air across an empty pop bottle.

Click [here] to hear what each module sounds like in the “wind.”

In collaboration with Lwabeya Mutanda and Sean Wickman
Produced in the architecture studio “Digital Ceramics” taught by Molly Reichert
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, November/December 2014


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