Branding and Packaging Design

Yang Organic Chia Beverage – Brand creation and packaging design featuring hand-painted watercolor

Flavors: Blueberry, Guava, Lychee, Mango

October/November 2015


Brand creation and packaging design:
ARRAY by K. Gjesdahl…………………earrings
BANDIT by K. Gjesdahl……………………rings
ROAM by K. Gjesdahl……………….necklaces

Key concepts:
– The top hole in the ring packaging is used for hanging on the display hook and is also a built-in ring sizer.  The “Try Me On” function allows customers to easily find the perfect fit.
– The hang tag for the necklace doubles as a travel case to keep the necklace untangled.
– Font creation for ARRAY, BANDIT, and ROAM

September/October 2015


Polishing Pops: sweet treat, tidy teeth – Brand creation and packaging design including a point-of-purchase display for the pet store

“Treat your furry little friend to Polishing Pops – the tasty chew toy that is guaranteed to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.”

Flavors: Lime, Berry, Lemon

November/December 2015


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