Mosaic meadow collection

The Mosaic Meadow pattern collection is inspired by how kids explore nature with a childlike sense of wonder in every season. It consists of eight patterns in four colorways and is aimed towards girls fashion ages four to fourteen. These patterns can be mixed and matched across the colorways, enabling young girls to develop their own style and show off their personality. Perfect for daily wear, these patterns are “spill-proof” and will hide the evidence of time spent playing outdoors.

This pattern collection fuses two current trends projected by WGSN: Eastern-inspired florals and geometric color blocking. The flowers used in the motifs are familiar to kids, such as poppies, daffodils, lilies, daisies, and sunflowers. They have been hand painted in the style of traditional Chinese brush painting and, in the main pattern, combined with a geometric mosaic. The “Springtime showers” color scheme is aligned with the WGSN Kids’ color forecast for AW18/19 called “Dark Wonder.”



Texture Mapping:

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